The Pain of Knowing (12)

Steven Bains stared out his bedroom window frowning. He could never go back to the life he had once led. His death had scarred everyone, particularly his wife, Diane. “I can’t believe I did this to her,” he thought. After Steven’s “death,” Diane sank into a deep depression. He was the love of her life. She killed herself weeks later.

He clasped his hands over his face in grief. “Oh God! It’s not worth it! Those bastards’ll pay for what they’ve done to me! Peter Falcone will pay, if it’s the last thing I do,” he vowed.

Yes, Peter Falcone was the root of all his problems. Two years ago, Steven had been a witness to a murder committed by the hands of the Falcone family. They knew he was a cop. Logically, Steven was next. Will the help of Commissioner Granger, Steven’s death was faked in a horrific car accident. On his way home from work one evening, Detective Bains’ car managed to cross over a guardrail into the Sycamore River. The body was, conveniently, never recovered.

Steven Bains’ wife was dead. Life as he knew it was over. Peter Falcone would suffer, just as he had suffered. No one would again be hurt at the hands of his filthy family.


Louise Falcone and Annette Gardner sat at the counter of Dooley’s chatting over a cup of coffee.

“Annette, you’ll let me plan your baby shower, won’t you? I mean, it’s the least I can do after…spilling the beans.”

“Oh Louise, of course you can plan it. I know it’s not your fault your mouth is looser than Kim Kardashian!”

Louise smiled at grabbed her sister’s arm. Though they were polar opposites, they had been the best of friends over the years. Only once, in both their memories, did they have a fight. What else would sisters fight about, other than a guy? Annette had long-forgiven Louise for marrying Michael Falcone, at least, partly. She had never been able to forgive herself for letting it happen. She knew what the Falcone’s were. In spite of it all, she let Louise throw her life to a family that only claimed to care about family.

“You know, I’m glad things are better between us. I-I didn’t like who we were back then. That’s not the Bains Sisters. You’re happy, and I’m happy. That’s all that matters now,” said Louise.

Annette turned away, saying, “Yes, we’re both happy now. I’m glad things turned out as they have. It’s how life should be…” She trailed off. The guilt from that time still hung over her like a wet woolen sweater, dragging her down every time she met with her sister. No, Annette Bains could never forgive herself.



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