Awakening (54)

Michael Falcone rushed to Louise’s bedside as she began to writhe beneath the sheets. He took her hand, hoping that this was the day he had been so desperately waiting for–the day she would awaken from the coma.

“Oh God!” he thought to himself, “If this is a sign from you, then I hear ya loud and clear! Please, please! God, I know we had a lotta issues, but if this is your way of tellin’ me Louise and me gotta work things out, then you got it.” The thought of going back to Annette flew from his mind, and all he could think about was seeing his wife open her eyes again.

He held her hand and whispered into her ear what loving husbands should, hoping she would hear. As Michael looked at her with more feeling than he ever had, Louise Falcone moved her head back and forth slightly, then slowly opened her eyes to see her husband and sister before her.

Annette too had a revelation. This was a sign from God. It was not her place to come between Michael and Louise. She had been lost in the tragedy that had become her life and she wasn’t thinking clearly. She knew that now. Realizing that Michael Falcone belonged with her sister, she rushed to her bedside, almost as if to beg her forgiveness.

“Louise! Oh Louise!” sobbed Annette as she hugged her sister, “We thought we’d lost you! Thank God!”

Louise looked at her sister and smiled weakly. She then turned to Michael and said, “I’m sorry.”

“No, Lou, I’m sorry. I’m, I’m so glad you’re all right!” said Michael, kissing her softly on the forehead.

Order had been restored to the family, at least, for the time being.


Steven Bains, thrilled that he had found proof that the venomous Josephine Falcone had poisoned his sister, he called Laura Gardner to confirm his findings of the atropine at the Falcone household.

“Hello? Mrs. Gardner? We have a question about your credit,” said Steven in code to conceal his identity from anyone who might answer the phone other than Laura.

“Yes…it’s me Steven…we’re fine to talk…” Laura Gardner’s voice was distant and sad.

“I’m calling to tell you I found proof that Louise was poisoned…almost all of it points to that mother-in-law of hers. She had a little vial of it in her kitchen, and has the plant growing in her garden! Can you believe it?”

“Oh, that’s, that’s really wonderful Steven. I’m…glad you’re making progress…”

“Mrs. G, what’s wrong? You don’t sound like yourself today.”

“You mean, you don’t know Steven? Oh, I suppose you wouldn’t,” Laura paused, “I, Elaine, er we–we had a tragedy in our family very recently Steven…Elaine was supposed to be married a few days ago…”

“Oh yes, congratulations, by the way.”

“Oh, uh, no, Steven. You see, Teddy Burke, the young man, he was…he was killed…the day of.”

Steven Bains could not believe what he was hearing. “Oh my God! Mrs. Gardner I’m so, so sorry to hear that. Please tell me, is there anything I can do? How is Elaine taking it?”

“No no, Steven, you have a lot on your plate as it is…although, I will tell you that Elaine’s not doing very well. You see, she was just about to take her vows when,” Laura began to choke up, “When a shot came from the choir loft…some deranged woman shot him. In cold blood!”

Steven had an odd feeling about what he was hearing. “Mrs. Gardner, I don’t mean to be rude, but what did this woman look like, if you can remember?”

“Bleached blonde, heavily made-up, not dressed well for a church service…”

Steven paused. He knew the woman. He knew Peter Falcone knew her too. Samantha Flint.

“Again, I’m so sorry Mrs. Gardner, please, call if you need anything.”

Another injustice to the world by the Falcones. They would pay, if it was the last thing Steven Bains ever did.



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