Some Friendly Words (108)

Annette Gardner returned to her home overcome with a somber air. It looked much as it always had, which was the problem. She had been betrayed and hurt one too many times within its walls. As she approached the front door, she removed the key from her purse, tightly grasping it in her hand. It wasn’t fair.

As she opened the door, a she heard a voice call her name from behind. “Annette, Annette, hey, hold up a sec,” said Steven Bains as he approached the porch. The figure approaching her might as well have been a ghost.

“Steven, what are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be at the station or something…” said Annette.

He grabbed her arm gingerly, but she pulled away. “I know you probably don’t want to talk to me now on top of all this, and that’s fine. I get it, but there’s something you need to know before you and Red leave for…wherever the hell you’re going.”

Annette crossed her arms and leaned against the side of the house. “I wish you’d stop being so cryptic, Steven. It’s not exactly your best quality, if you catch my drift.”

“Drop it for now, okay? You need to find your little girl, and I’m just giving you the push you need, tough as it may be,” said Steven, “When Red…well, when he off on business, it wasn’t his fault, entirely–”

“So you’re saying it’s mine! God, you come here and expect me to–”

“Shut up, for God’s sake! Peter Falcone put Samantha up to it to prove to you that he’d cheat. Essentially, he told her to do anything and everything she could to make him fall. It wasn’t a fling that he could just brush off. She literally sold herself just for the thrill of ruining a life. I wanted you to know so you can find her and send her back to hell where she belongs.”

Annette stood up straight with her face deep in thought. She sighed heavily. “I’ll find her Steven, and she’ll never harm this family again…thank you.”


Samantha Flint strolled the halls of Santa Lucia with her high-heeled shoes loud enough to wake all the infants on the maternity ward. Dr. Maria Santos walked next to her, laughing at her old friend’s same old habits.

“You know, you haven’t changed a bit since college. You still got your Delta Kappa Gamma pin?” asked Maria.

Samantha laughed. “It joined my head in the toilet after one night I should remember…but I don’t!” she screeched.

Maria put an arm around the blonde abomination. “Same old Sam…except you’re married now?And you have a kid? You’re not the first one I picture when I think of Mother of the Year to tell the truth!”

Flipping her hair, Samantha said, “Oh I know you’d think that, but I’ve grown, really. I mean, Foley, my…husband…is just a doll, honestly. He keeps me and line and I never have to lift a finger!”

Maria’s face scrunched. “That’s another thing, he doesn’t exactly look like your type.”

“Maria, you should know I don’t have a type! No, really, I love him, really I do…so…Anyway, I’m so glad you can take care of baby Olivia while we take little vacation. Pregnancy is such a hassle!”

The doctor rolled her eyes and crossed her arms. “You know, I would think you’d want to spend some time with her…you’re a new mother, after all, and that’s what they do.”

“Oh do they? That’s wonderful. I’ll be sure to try that once we get back. It’s just, you know, she came early and we’ve had this trip planned for a while. You understand, don’t you?”

The doctor’s brow furrowed. Samantha Flint was always a bit flippant, but something wasn’t right. Of course, with Samantha, one could never tell.



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