Standing in front of the small mirror she kept in her locker, Olivia Gardner fixed her hair, pulling away loose strands from her tear-stained green eyes. She blinked, and Jack Turner appeared next to her reflection.

“So glad you could keep our drug orgies between just the two of us,” Jack growled. Olivia opened her mouth to say something, but nothing would come out. “You’re lucky my mother considers herself a flower child. After she told me your mom called about us smoking pot, she told me it could be very beneficial for creative types and said we should try painting afterward next time.”

Olivia breathed a sigh of relief. Jack had always been such a good friend to her, and she had taken advantage of it.

“Jack I didn’t mean to put you in that position. I-I’m so sorry,” Olivia stammered. What else was she supposed to say?

The boy smiled a knowing, sarcastic smile. “So I guess the real question here is: why is your mom calling my mom about us smoking pot together?” he asked.

She had to tell Jack, of all people. “I…we…it was just a puff…” she managed.

“Well that helps,” Jack said.

Olivia ground her teeth together. “I went over to Tom’s last night just to, oh I don’t know. I just thought that by stopping by, he might suddenly be interested in me.”


“Well, he and Paul were smoking, and I wanted to leave but–”


“Fine. I smoked pot with Tom and Paul so that Tom would ask me to homecoming next week. There. Happy?” she asked, turning back to her locker and rummaging for books.”

Jack laughed. It wasn’t hard to get Olivia riled up. “So are you going with him or not?”

“If my parents let me. They’re not really the kinds of people to let drug addicts off the hook.”

“Well if they don’t let you go, I won’t go either. I’ll call you on the phone and we can listen to Flo Rida together. It’ll be the same thing.”

Olivia laughed. It was his favorite thing to make her smile. “I’ll walk you to class,” Jack said.


Kelly Calloway sat at her desk, scanning a pencil over her date book. She was supposed to have lunch with Rick Temple this afternoon, but she was thinking about changing her plans. Mr. Temple worked in the classroom next door to hers and they had become friendly since she started in the Art Department last year. Sure, it helped that they were neighbors, but being around the same age didn’t hurt, either. Most of the other teachers at Huntsport High had earned tenure at least twenty years ago.

“Hi Ms. Calloway,” Olivia said, passing her desk. “Did you have a nice weekend?”

“Just fine, Olivia. My dog ate my favorite shoes and did his business in my closet, but other than that, it was peachy.”

She knew she shouldn’t have said that, but she couldn’t help it. Since Mr. Temple canceled their movie date last week to go out with Miss Bristol, she had been in a foul mood.

“I’m sorry. It was nice actually. I had dinner with my parents and I saw the new Ryan Gosling movie,” she said. It sounded much less sad in her brain. “How about you?”

“Nothing special, I guess. Went to the beach. I’m probably grounded forever. Nothing out of the ordinary.”

“Grounded for life? That doesn’t sound like the Olivia Gardner I know,” Miss Calloway said.

“You sound just like my parents…” Olivia trailed off.

The bell rang and most of the class showed up, which was never a rarity in her class. Photography had become one of the more popular art classes since Miss Calloway had taken over for Mr. Denniger, the old photo teacher who’d been stealing lunches to feed to pet rabbits he kept in the dark room.

Miss Calloway stood in front of the class, poised and efficient as always. She smoothed her brown skirt and adjusted her blue blouse, and then cleared her throat. “We’ll begin today with how to use our cameras in the first place.”

“You mean it’s not just point and shoot?”

Miss Calloway turned to see Mr. Temple smiling at her in the doorway, ready to interrupt.



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